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Welcome to CloudStream IT Inc

Mobile Media on the go to any of your web enabled devices.


You have the option to allow your customers to subscribe to your content package or pay for your content on a pay-per-view basis. Or you may decide to do an advertising supported model. 

Have the ability to research the viewing habits of your target audience with full analytics and easy ad insertion allows you advertise to your target audience based on a number of parameters set by you.  

Use a new channel to sell your programming to consumers using our current technology. Customized programming offers your customers control over what they see and when they want to see it. 

We can build you a DigiLive Live Stream, VOD or PPV channel for the top IP set top boxes including Roku, Amazon Fire, Android boxes, Apple TV, Google TV and much more.



Responsive Design

All sites built by CloudStream are Social Media Optimized (SMO), Search Engine  Optimized (SEO) and come fully loaded with rich media integration through our CloudStream DigiCloud players, media centers and STB's and include an easy-to-use content management system for content updates and ingest.

Our systems automatically convert the codecs based upon the device that you are utilizing with the ability to track sales and manage all customer purchases, billing, payment systems and detailed usage, device and member data. Monitor and control business rules, DRM, authentication, user profiles, and more.

Responsive Design


Delivery of content is completely secured and encrypted upon distribution to the end devices and clients local storage. We use a highly scalable URL authentication option that protects your content from unauthorized access.

For the average end user we utilize 128 A.E.S. bit standard and 3GP, MP4, and custom codec wrappers to prevent unauthorized recording of the content; with the ability to change the Entropy table (numbering sequence) up to as often as every ten seconds. Our proprietary Video stream packet non-key encryption encapsulation process prevents re-transmission or a man in the middle hacks.

Under special circumstances we will use up to 256 bit encryption, however we do possess even higher level ciphers for govt. or financial institutional use such as geo location specific detection.


VOD & Live Streams

Stream anywhere to any device with our intuitive media portals. Live 24x7 broadcasting to cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, smart TV's, IP set top boxes and tablets.

We pick up your signal and ingest your feeds into our proprietary DigiCloud platform and distribute to the world with our global footprint via any Internet connected device. We provide management of all pertinent digital assets (verification, categories, metadata, ingesting, transcoding etc.)

VOD & Live Streams


CloudStream DigiCloud Media Platform

Stream anywhere to any device with our intuitive media portals. Live 24x7 broadcasting to cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, smart TV's, IP set top boxes and tablets.

Cross Platform TV

Client: CloudStream IT Inc

Our Flagship portal and content management system is the centralized hub for all the interconnected sub-platforms like Roku, Apple TV and the Mobile based Apps for your Mobile devices..

    Client: CloudStream IT Inc
    Date: 15 May 2015


Miami Boxing Storm Recap

Tv2Fly Site

VaporMedics Site



Made for Mobile 

CloudStream can now deliver in Live Linear, VOD and PPV TV content to the right consumers

at home or on-the-go and on the Fly in Realtime on any Smart internet Connected Mobile Device.

Cross Platform Design

The powerful reach of the CloudStream Cross Platform Network has the potential to connect to 100% of TV consumers in any given market on any given internet connected device on the fly anywhere in the world.


  • Desktop Computer Browsers
  • Tablet Android and iOS Devices
  • Mobile Smart Phones Android/iOS
  • Set Top Boxes Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire

Our Platform Completion

  • Web Desktop
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Set Top
  • Media Players



Exceeding the Boundaries

Our software exceeds the requirements of many clients.  Media, entertainment and broadcasting companies, government agencies, medical and educational institutions can greatly benefit from our platform. We deliver a low cost streaming solution for any type of organization.

  • Sports
  • Content Aggregators
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Health Care / Fitness
  • Infomercials / Shopping
  • Churches / Religion
  • Automotive
  • Networking Marketing
  • Education
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Surveillance
  • Etc..