Client: CloudStream IT Inc

Our Flagship portal and content management system is the centralized hub for all the interconnected sub-platforms like Roku, Apple TV and the Mobile based Apps for your Mobile devices..

    Client: CloudStream IT Inc
    Date: 15 May 2015

Cross Platform Broadcast TV 

It’s a new era for cross platform media and content opportunities that CloudStream can now deliver in Live Linear, VOD and PPV TV content to the right consumers, on the Fly. Every day we’re connecting this content to these consumers - at home or on-the-go and on the fly in realtime, through innovative digital programming distribution technologies with highly-targeted content. CloudStream's innovative digital programming distribution technologies offers integrated, cross-platform TV solutions for today and the future. 

Digital Broadcast CloudStream Channels

The powerful reach of the CloudStream Cross Platform Network has the potential to connect to 100% of TV consumers in any given market on any given internet connected device on the fly anywhere in the world. In addition to our innovative network-affiliated programming, local programming and client based content such as award-winning local news, community outreach, and digital niche genres offer unique targeting opportunities for your potential clients and subscribers.

  • Primary digital channels with highly-rated series, syndication, sports and specials
  • News, Weather, Entertainment
  • Local and National Sports Programming
  • High-definition ad environments


The digital transition of 2009 opened up subfrequencies for broadcasters to utilize on the digital spectrum. Today, CloudStream provides a growing array of specialized client content on the same theory with the ability to utilize their own hybrid digicloud Cross Platform TV Network based sub channels on the CloudStream DigiCloud Network, from lifestyle content like Live Well, to retro programming usually only found on Antenna TV, to content that serves the particular needs of a specific genres with locally relevant content to markets with high concentrations of ethnic populations and can deliver content geared towards them, like BIZ TV (Latino small business owners) or Bounce (African Americans). Other hyper-local digicloud feeds that deliver interest-specific content, like Pegasus, a subchannel “dedicated to equestrian pursuits and country lifestyles.” The content partner media distribution on our Cross Platform DigiCloud Network TV can be very vast.


Local television station websites offer breaking news, weather, traffic, and community news to engage consumers. Hyper-local microsites offer highly-targeted neighborhood and lifestyle content to reach specific consumer groups and target retail zones. Ad opportunities include:

  • Video: Pre, Mid and post-roll
  • Rich media
  • Banner display ads
  • Neighborhood and lifestyle-targeted microsites
  • Sweepstakes and sponsorships
  • Local search, Social integration


Consumers make purchases where they live, work and play. TV stations’ mobile opportunities connect advertisers to consumers wherever they are, driving them to local services and retail establishments. A mobile ad component can effectively dovetail any on-air and online campaign.

  • WAP browser technology
  • SMS text alerts featuring ads within Broadcast content such as news, weather updates, sports scores or school closings
  • Couponing and sweepstakes campaigns
  • TV station website content and advertiser-sponsored video
  • Mobile DTV. Broadcasting on-air signals direct to mobile devices is currently in test markets. Programming, along with on-air ads, will be broadcast to mobile devices with additional opportunities for interstitial ad inserts. 


Local Broadcast can offer advertisers ways to extend their message throughout the day as consumers are out making purchasing decisions. Out-of-Home broadcasting is part of an integrated media plan that maximizes broad reach with hyper-local addressability.

  • College campuses
  • Taxi cabs
  • Commuter buses
  • Gas stations


Local Broadcast stations connect with communities in ways that national media cannot. Consumers trust and engage with local news anchors as a part of their daily lives. Community outreach is an essential part of what Local TV stations do every day. Advertisers have unique opportunities to partner with Local stations as an extension of their public outreach and cause-marketing campaigns.

  • High School sports
  • Charitable community events
  • Local educational programs